Day of Rest

Sometimes*, the days aren't glamorous. It's occasionally all about comfy sweaters, mugs of tea, and a book while you ignore the rest of the world for a day.

I need the moment of rest, too, because I'm about to ramp up my weekly activities in an insane way. (I'm tired of feeling like I'm never doing things.) Here's a quick look at all the new madness I'm planning to get myself into:
  • Freelance Writing for two websites building content about Korea, expat life abroad, and how to navigate the move. I'll be a paid writer soon!

  • Twice-weekly Korean language classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few months to (hopefully) push me further into my studies. I've plateaued on my own and, since I'm considering remaining here another year, I want to improve.

  • Finding volunteer work in Seoul. I'm hoping to do some weekly tutoring for North Korean refugees, but getting in touch with the organizations is way harder than I anticipated.

  • Spanish conversation club every Wednesday evening to keep myself sharp. Don't wanna lose a language I'm already doing alright with!

So that's what's up. Outfit photos to come as soon as I, you know, take them.

*Most of the time.**

**Okay, all of the time.

Cherry Blossom Season

One thing I have associated with East Asia (aka Japan, China, Korea) for as long as I can remember is a vibrant cherry blossom bloom every spring. This year I got to actually live in a place where it happens!

My friend and I hiked through an area of Seoul called Namsan Park. It was really a combination platter--you can see the city, there are some gorgeous gardens, and up the hill is the famous Namsan Tower.

City to one side...

See? I was really there!

Hill and garden leading to the tower on the other side.

Anyway, part of our reason for going was simply to find some spectacular cherry blossoms before they started falling off the trees (which has already started happening just two days later...) and the other part was to stuff our faces. As night fell, we rushed to find some stunning nature. And we did:

I'm Digging Laura Mvula

I don't know how, but I recently came across an artist called Laura Mvula and her music is strangely addictive. There's this jazzy quality to it with a killer-but-subtle beat to it. I dunno, just check it out and see if you know what I mean!

New Dress, New Hair

Hello everyone! I am fresh out of yet another Korean salon with another hairstyle that is almost what I went in intending to get. But first, let's check out this awesome dress I'm wearing! It comes from eShakti, and it's called their Morgan Dress. If I could justify it, I would probably buy every color.

The brand reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in showcasing a piece from their new product line. Understandably, I fell in love with this dress and knew I immediately wanted to have it. Lacking any measuring tape here in Korea, I made a guess from their standard sizes and prayed the dress would fit.

This dress has everything I need in a dress: pockets, shoulder caps so I can wear it in Korea, scandalous front cutouts to make people think I'm promiscuous. It's got everything! And my minimized wardrobe here in Seoul needed a colorful dress. Got everything on that list taken care of.

Sorry, folks. Chopped off my own toes!

My favorite part of this dress, hands down, is the geometric action happening at the neckline. Seriously, how could you not like it, too? If it isn't clear... I love this dress.

Now, if I may change the subject for a second... I walked into yet another Korean hair salon yesterday and explained--with photos!--what I wanted. And I walked out of the salon with neither the length nor the color I had wanted but... I'm okay with it. It's kind of like playing Russian roulette with your hair! I lost about 6in/14cm of hair! But it was all dead, dead hair that had been through a lot. It was time.

Goodbye, Furry Jegging Legging Things

Let's all take a moment to honor the passing of these leggings. Though they served me well through this cold Korean winter, they were not made to last and they had to be retired this week as the weather swings quickly into the warm side of the spectrum.

In the spirit of saying goodbyes, say goodbye to my hair as it looks in these photos... tomorrow's post is going to feature my new 'do! AND a gorgeous new dress that I got from eShakti. So yes... be on the look out for tomorrow. It's going to be a winner.