Any Day, Now...

At some point, I have faith in the idea that Oregon will decide it is almost May and the sun needs to come out. Until that time, I am doomed to try to dress for a season it is not. It would have been fine today had the MAX not broken down and left me standing outside for over an hour...

I met up quickly with Lea today. She is otherwise occupied by her boyfriend, though, since he lives far away and all and is only in town for a little while. So I am compensating by spending time with new friends. For example, I'm going to a school opera/musical this Friday. Sounds interesting, right? Almost as interesting as this odd-yellow wall. I'll be sure you tell you guys about it.

Or this face I make a lot. By a lot, I mean every day. If you know me at all, you've seen this face. (Also, don't worry. The wall did change color for this picture and this picture only. It's special edition.)

Some of my favorite bits of this outfit were the details. This is the thrifted lace top from a few days ago, and this cardigan has some fun embellishments on the pockets. Plus, this thrifted pleated skirt was less than fifty cents. Who can beat that?

And who can overlook these fantastic boots? Also thrifted. They're made in Brazil, though, according to the label.

I do need to take a moment to say I am floored by the response I'm getting so far. I love sifting through all the comments and I'm trying to keep up with them when I can. I'll admit, though, school has to come first. When I started this blog, I remember thinking that 50 followers would be an ultimate goal and possibly never make it there. Well, you've all proven me wrong. Thank you. Let's see what this next month brings!

The last week has been full (midterms will do that do you) and, as much as I'd like to post everyday, it just isn't possible right now. I hope to sometime soon, but school eats fun. Until then, you'll just have to bask in the warm glow of my brilliant wit and sarcasm.